The Silver Gaucho – first draft

by jackieballantyne

First Snow 010

The Big Snow - 2711 (1)

October 2006Stormy Friday 001

The first draft of The Silver Gaucho was written while we were in Umeå, Sweden, in 2006.

David was on sabbatical at the University of Umeå and we were staying in one of their apartment s on the edge of the museum complex in Gammlia. From our door we had 10 kms of wooded trails for walking, biking and skiing.
We arrived at the end of August and stayed until mid November. During that time I took a photograph from one particular window each morning at around the same time. It’s not an original idea. If you have seen the movie Smoke, you will remember Augie Wren and his photographic collection. Anyway, the pics included here give some idea of the changing weather outside our warm and cosy apartment. I think it makes quite a visual essay.

The winter clothesline!Umea Apartment 003